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Featuring "Personal Portraits" by Cyndi West

Cyndi West has always had an interest in art. She started by painting holiday scenes on local store windows in her small home town in Indiana as a Junior High student. She continued by painting "senior cords" for friends and then other schools in the country. Her painting has progressed to her present day work in oils that she calls "Personal Portraits."

Cyndi uses the still life format with familiar objects, strong lighting and color to tell the story of an individual, a group of people, or an event. She hopes that when you look at one of her paintings that it strikes a personal note with the viewer.

A large part of her work revolves around a sporting theme and related colleges or professional teams. She also has done several commissions for other professions, such as the police and fire departments, as well as commissions for individuals.

Cyndi does a series of limited edition prints of most of her original oils. All of the prints come signed and numbered by the artist and are available through her studio, some galleries, or alumni associations of the various colleges.